Stolen Moments Centre & Parisian Waxing

Steal your moment today!If we don't first take care of ourselves, we won't be able to take care of those we love.

Our Mission"Our mission is to create a moment in time in which everything stops, and it all becomes about you."

Stolen Moments Centre
& Parisian Waxing
"A wonderful bridge between a Day Spa and Medical Spa!"

Welcome to our new
location in Naperville!

We are now open at the Freedom Commons shopping center, Suite 125.
Located between I-88 and Diehl Rd. on Freedom Drive off I-88, exit at Naperville Road.


Individualized, Customized Client Treatments
All-Natural Skincare Products

Our Philosophy

At Stolen Moments Centre, all treatments are customized to each individual client whether we are working on acne, rosacea, or just the everyday stress and strain to our skin. There are no hidden costs. Any serums or customized masks are included in the price. We leave the "up charging" to others.

Rest assured that all of our product lines are geared towards those of us wanting the purest and most natural of ingredients without the flowery smells, excessive chemicals, and heaviness that some other product lines have. We are certain that all of the products and treatments on the menu will far surpass your expectations.

Our Private-Label Skincare Product Line: “Moments by Carol Leigh™”

We have created our own all-natural botanically-based skincare product line, which is better for you and your skin than chemically manufactured products with added flowery perfumes and dyes.
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Our private-label skincare product line is called “Moments by Carol Leigh™,” and it consists of botanically-based skincare products all for sale at Stolen Moments Centre’s Naperville location and on our online scheduling and shopping portal.
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Stolen Moments Centre & Parisian Waxing is open now at the Freedom Commons retail location, Suite 125, located between I-88 and Diehl Rd. on Freedom Drive in Naperville, Illinois, USA.

Member: Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce

Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce

New Address

Stolen Moments Centre & Parisian Waxing, LLC
Freedom Commons Retail Center
1763 Freedom Drive, Suite 125
Naperville, IL 60563
Phone: 1 (630) 245-5500
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We are not just another spa!

My name is Carol Hameister,...

... and I am the founder of Stolen Moments Centre & Parisian Waxing—a combination of a wellness spa and exclusive French hard-wax waxing center that our clients have deemed the "Beverly Hills of NapervilleSM."

I am a Licensed Esthetican (L.E.), a member of the Associated Skin Care Professionals ("Esthetics"), and hold several certifications in IPL, laser, peels, endermology, and microdermabrasion.

I am well aware that it takes a village! That is why I searched all of Chicagoland over the last 12 years that I have been in business, and I found some of the most talented and skilled independent contractors to provide all services and treatments at Stolen Moments (not provided by myself). They all have the same attention to detail and expertise in their field and scope of practice when representing me and all of what Stolen Moments has become and stands for. We collectively total over 60 years of experience in one beautiful Centre and have worked hard to become our clients’ trusted advisers.

I started Stolen Moments in a marketplace that is fairly crowded with franchise spas and waxing centers because I saw a great opportunity to reverse the trend where clients are processed methodically without much refinement.

Stolen Moments:

  • Invites its waxing clients to walk in with their dignity and leave the same way, plus we give them competitive pricing and a beautiful place to steal their moment.
  • Specializes in only those few key products and treatments that we feel through personal experience really work and provide great benefit to our clients.
  • Mainly uses botanically-based products and hard wax exclusively, which is better for you and your skin.

By bridging the divide between med spas, day spas, and waxing center franchises, Stolen Moment’s services blend the efficacy of treatments such as crystal-free microdermabrasion, manual lymph drainage, acupuncture, and reflexology with the pampering qualities of botanical-based facials.

Remember that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of those that we love. Steal your moment today!


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