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Here are the acne treatments that we provide.

Teen and Adult

Besides the spa treatments listed in this brochure, our passion is the teen and adult acne program.…We all know that the two leading causes of acne are stress and hormones. Mix these two things along with allergies, "modern" diets, and poor home treatment routines, and you have a great recipe for an outbreak. So, it only makes sense to attack this problem both internally as well as externally.

What makes our acne program different from others is this: We believe in a natural way of healing, getting your body and skin—the largest organ of your body—to function properly through esthetic procedures, good home routines, and science-based nutrition. We do not do what many others do who treat acne; that is, we do not just have the doctor write a prescription and send you on your way.

We always tell our clients whether they are 15- or 50-years old that this program is a partnership; you must do your job so that we can do ours, and—together—we will make great progress one step at a time.

  • 60 minutes teen facial $99.00 (ages 12 - 17).
  • 90 minutes deep pore cleansing $139.00.

Blue light therapy helps address the p-acnes and bacteria in the sebaceous glands along with decreasing the redness from inflammation. This therapy is done three times a week for two consecutive weeks, and then we evaluate the follow up treatment plan.

  • Package of 6 treatments: $330.00.