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Here are the allergy treatments that we provide.

Lymph Star Enhancement Therapy for Allergies

Lymph Star Enhancement Therapy for allergies with Nick Talbot, B.S., C.L.E.T. (Certified Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist). Help drain those sinuses. Four 30-minute sessions one week apart helps with sinusitis and ear aches.

  • Introductory offer: Your first single 30-minute allergy session is $35.00, normally $100.00.
  • Suggested package of four 30-minute sessions is $298.00, normally $400.00.

A few words about Nick,…

Nick Talbot, B.S., C.L.E.T. (Certified Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist). Nick provides Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy with the Lymph Star Pro machine, which is a bio-electrical frequency-based treatment that helps to decongest the lymphatic system very gently and allow for the proper flow to be restored. This instrument can work a little deeper than manual lymph drainage, and it has a very soft touch.

He completed his undergraduate Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences with a Nutrition emphasis from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois, in 2009. He was greatly influenced by a variety of professors who had Clinical, Holistic, and Allopathic medicine backgrounds. He suffered from sinusitis for years and got some relief from diet and acupuncture, but it was his first Lymphatic session that opened up his sinus passages like never before. His nose drained and drained fluid as if a gate had been opened. Then, after that first session, he never had anywhere near the sinus pressure, pain, or discomfort that had bothered him before.