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Here are the naturopathic treatments that we provide.

Naturopathic Doctors Address a Wide Variety of Illnesses with Natural Remedies

The principles of Naturopathic medicine ensure that each person gets treatment that benefits their total health while addressing the root cause of the disease process. The natural therapies include nutrition, herbal medicine, supplements, homeopathy, and other natural ways to support organ function. The side effects are often minimal and short lived, and tremendous improvements in health may occur.

  • 2 hour Naturopathic Consultation $300.00*. This visit is for very complex or chronic conditions.
  • 90 minute Naturopathic consultation $225.00*.
  • 60 minute Naturopathic consultation $150.00*.
  • 30 minute Naturopathic consultation $75.00. Follow-up office visit of 30 minutes for finding the most appropriate diet or supplements.

*Office visit and physical exam, treatment given in form of dietary advice, supplements, herbal formulas, exercises, postural rehabilitation, and homeopathy.