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Dear Stolen Moment’s family,

We want to reach out and keep you informed about the steps that we are taking to bring Stolen Moments back to the community. Our focus is, as always, on the health and safety of our therapists, clients, and our neighboring communities.

We are following the guidelines set by the CDC to help “flatten the curve" over the next few weeks, and we plan to reopen our doors as soon as it is safe. Realistically, it seems to me that this could possibly be around early June for our type of industry or maybe even July 1st.

It is hard to not be there for you during our most stressful and trying times. However, please be assured that during our temporary closure, we will be implementing a plan for our reopening to allow you to feel safe and steal your moment with us again. This will include, but not be limited to, incorporating additional layers of sanitation protocols and a questionnaire for all clients to be added prior to each appointment date with us. We will go over these questions in your confirmation call, and we will add them to your online confirmation reminders.

Note that we will continue to check messages and emails, and—as always—if you need product, please order online or e-mail us.

Rest assured, we are taking every measure possible to be here for you, and with a lot of hope and grace, we are not going anywhere.

Thank you, and wishing you are all safe and healthy, and hopefully we will come out of this stronger with a renewed sense of what community and family means!

Carol and all of the Stolen Moment’s family

Let's all be safe!


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