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October Special: Bring a friend in for free!

Let’s celebrate our friendships…. Bring a friend in for free for the same same-day service. This special includes all full-priced massage, reflexology, energy work, follow-up acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture or allergy sessions, and facial services. Excludes waxing and peels. Just call 630-245-5500 to schedule!

Note that some services may have to be done one after the other, and some may be done at the same time.


10% Off Product of the Month

We are giving 10% off on our product of the month: Moments by Carol Leigh™ Mascara.

Our mascara is a “Lash of Luxury” mascara. It nourishes your lashes as it lengthens, strengthens, and volumizes lashes uniformly in a single stroke. Smudge-proof, water resistant, and long-wearing, this mascara features a unique technology combining silky smooth lash building polymers with vitamins A, C, and E plus seaweed protein and algae extracts. This mascara is remarkable with our Revita Lash Advance enhancement treatment for longer and fuller lashes.products.

Extra, Extra: Eyelash Extensions!

We are bringing in Eyelash Extensions starting in November. The company we have chosen is NovaLash. All products are made in the USA. More to come in the next newsletter. Ohhh, and a full, natural looking set for November and December will be $89.00. Woo hoo!

IN.FORM Optimal Health Program: 12 weeks, $299.00

Join Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Amy Zucchero, for the IN.FORM program, a clinically tested, holistic program that excels in every way. Finally, your guardian angel of health has arrived! Let’s reset our metabolism, not later, but now, together.

This program is not just another weight loss program. The weight loss happens due to life style changes.

Program Details

IN.FORM is our accountability and education program designed especially for those of us who have lost weight, feel incredible about our achievements, to only see those ounces and pounds creep back on! Nothing is more frustrating. This is also for those who struggle just to be healthier and want to get on the road to be more, productive, active, and energized, and get the results of a slimmer, healthier, and more restful you.

IN.FORM is a clinically tested holistic approach to optimal health. Our 13-week accountability and education program focuses on bringing the body back into balance. With the use of the Biotracker, we can monitor and help influence change of important markers such as hydration, metabolic age, and visceral fat as well as weight, fat percent, and muscle mass. This game plan involves “your” food, water, detox, herbs, and motivation!


IN.FORM classes begin Thursday, October 5th at 6:30 PM, meeting every week thereafter, and end December 28th (12 weeks).

How Much?

The 13-week IN.FORM program is $299.00 (new pricing). Signing up with a spouse encourages support and provides savings. Or, bring a friend for a "buddy discount." You will save $50.00.


The Program will be led by Amy Zucchero, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, who holds a certification in the IN.FORM program.

Program’s Value

When you address the gut health and the endotoxins in the gut, you can reduce the problem. For those of you that have tried other programs only to gain the weight back, the IN.FORM program is different in that it helps to teach you how to stabilize your metabolism and help keep the weight off.

Studies have shown at the end of 90 days that the median weight loss for those on the IN.FORM program following all protocols was 26 pounds of body weight and 17 pounds of fat, plus a reset of your metabolism with your continued accountability at home.

We hope you will join us, invest in yourself, and decide to make a difference through your new knowledge of the fundamentals of nutrition, diet, and health. You can become your own guardian angel!

How register?

Please call Stolen Moments to sign up at 630-245-5500 (limited to 12 clients), or schedule online. The smaller classes are designed for a more intimate setting, along with some individual attention at every session.


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