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Hello Stolen Moment’s family!

First, for those of you reading my newsletters for the first time, I am Carol Hameister, owner of Stolen Moments.

I am very happy to say that Stolen Moments has partnered with the Life Spa at Life Time Fitness in Warrenville, located at 28141 Diehl Road, which is approximately 2.5 miles West of our Freedom Commons location.

Why did I choose the Life Spa to refer Stolen Moments clients?

I have spent so much time at Lifetime Fitness over the past 20 years. I have known the spa manger, Nicole Roby, for over 10 years, and I have watched this spa grow. I also have firsthand experience with the management, estheticians, and therapists. They believe in wellness of the whole body as we do at Stolen Moments.

I was not only looking for a new home for all of us, but also a level of customer service and experience in staff that we have all grown accustomed to at Stolen Moments.

The Life Spa is where I have had my hair and nails done for over 20 years. Now, this is where you will see me having my customized facials, crystal-free micros, waxing, and massage appointments.

Nicole (the Life Spa manager) and Angelika (the esthetician that I am referring you to) were open to me working with Angelika to incorporate some of the techniques that I used at Stolen Moments. And, I must say, I am always looking for, and open to, new techniques and services myself. I was wonderfully surprised with Angelika's level of expertise in facials and waxing. Also, I will be in touch continuously with Angelika when Stolen Moment's clients schedule their first appointments to share what services and formulas you had with me and to ensure a smooth transition in your care.

One other reason that I chose the Life Spa,... they were incredibly happy and open to have any of Stolen Moment’s therapists not retiring to come on with them in finding a new home to continue their work with Stolen Moment’s clients and, of course, potentially adding new Life Time members to their care.

Our Dr. Aroop may possibly be joining their team for bodywork and hopefully be their acupuncturist on staff, working out of the Warrenville location and Life Time’s new location in Oakbrook. I will have more information with Dr. Aroop’s schedule and services in a week or so.


Let the receptionist know that you are a referral from Stolen Moments. You do not have to be a member to use the Life Spa!

For your first visit, you will receive 20% off your service. Note that if you are getting multiple services that day, you will receive 20% of the highest priced service and—if you are not already a Life Time member—you will be able to use the pools, organic café, babysitting, classes, (which does require reservations), and workout facilities for the day!


Angelika from Life Spa: Esthetician for “hard waxing” and customized facial/crystal-free micros. Hours: Wednesday and Friday.

Angelika has been an esthetician for 13 years, a she has a strong waxing background and is a hard wax expert. She uses the same French hard wax that I used at Stolen Moments. Just let her know that you only want hard wax used for your services.

Angelika’s facials are wonderful, incorporating hot stones into her massage and cold globes in the facial massage. Soooooo relaxing. She uses Eminence Organic and Circadia products equal to Stolen Moment’s professional products for facials and crystal-free microderms, which they call “the skin scrubber.” Angelika has a crystal-free microderm machine like the one I used at Stolen Moments. So, you will be receiving the same technique and service that I provided at Stolen Moments and more... Angelika also offers the HydraFacial, which is a wonderful bonus! I will have more information on the HydraFacial in the next newsletter. Pricing is remarkably similar to Stolen Moments. I am still working out the additional monthly VIP discount for our Stolen Moment’s clients who schedule monthly. I will have this for you in the next newsletter.

Here’s a breakdown of what to schedule when you call Life Time (630-791-2224)

  • Our Stolen Moments 75-minute facial with crystal-free microderm, schedule the Life Spa 90-minute custom facial: $155.
  • Our regular Stolen Moments 70-minute facial, schedule the Life Spa 60-minute custom facial: $100.
  • Our Stolen Moments club membership facial, schedule the Life Spa 30-minute facial: $65.

Additional Waxing/Facials

Laura from Life Spa: Esthetician for customized facials and HydraFacial. I have not had a service with Laura yet, as she is just returning from the UK and will not be back to the Life Spa until February. She is an international skin specialist and a CIDESCO diplomat (Comité International d'Esthétique et de Cosmétologie or International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology). I will have more information for Laura in my next newsletter.

Hair and Nails

Rebecca from Life Spa: “Becca” has been a cosmetologist for over seven years. She is wonderful with color, hair, and nails. Becca does my hair and nails, along with my husband’s and sons’ hair. She is so lovely and talented.

Massage, Reiki, and Acupuncture

Aroop from Stolen Moments: He will be joining the Life Spa team for bodywork/acupressure, therapeutic massage, and hopefully be the acupuncturist on staff.

Alejandra from Life Spa: For deep tissue and therapeutic massage. She has a clinical/chiropractic background.

Karen from Life Spa: For lighter touch massage and Reiki, and for someone looking for a more holistic touch and Reiki.


I would like to thank Ali Yanez, VP of Life Spa, and Nicole Roby, spa manager, for all their care in making this partnership come to fruition. It was their and my forward-looking vision and intuition that allowed this partnership to happen.

Look forward to more specials and perhaps a big party in the Spring!

If you need product, note that shipping is free on our online products marketplace on called Stolen Moments Centre & Marketplace, available as usual at this link: Stolen Moment’s Marketplace. So, if you need replenishing any of our private-label skincare product lines (called Moments by Carol Leigh™), please order online there.

If you have any questions, you can always reply back to this e-mail.


As always, stay safe and healthy, and thank you for “stealing your moment” with us!

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