Sharon is Back and Lymphormation Reminder


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Sharon is Back and Lymphormation Reminder

Sharon’s Schedule

Sharon (our lymph drainage therapist who specializes in manual lymph drainage) will be in town from NYC on these upcoming Wednesdays: 7/26, 8/2, 8/9, and 8/16. To schedule with her, call 1-630-245-5500, or schedule online.


New Massage Service

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and Medical Massage Service

Nick has a new service to offer and will be providing Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and Medical Massage services at Stolen Moments as well as Sharon. He is introducing a combination service of MLD with the Lymph Star Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy.

The combinations of these two therapies are unique in their design. With Nick’s extensive training under Sharon’s tutelage with her hands-on MLD, his credentials, higher education, and expertise in his field of work, we are very excited about this new combination treatment.

Here is the description of these two therapies:

  • This unique combination of therapies will help with detoxing naturally, removing edema and swelling, releasing Rotator Cuff, easing constipation or diverticulitis, headaches, brain fog or migraines, tinnitus ear ringing, breast drainage after breastfeeding, allergies, and overall will provide a feeling of health.
  • Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy uses the Lymph Star Pro machine, which is a bio-electrical frequency-based treatment that helps to decongest the lymphatic system very gently and allow for proper flow to be restored. This instrument can work a little deeper and has a very soft touch.

90-minute initial consultation session required if you have not seen Sharon or Nick before for developing a treatment plan. 30- and 60-minute session subsequent sessions are available after initial consultation. All pricing remains the same.


Reminder: Lymphormation Workshop

July Workshop

The topic for the Lymphormation workshop is basic lymph health. The class is $20.00, and each attendee will receive a complementary 10-minute drainage with Nick that night (time permitting), a $33.00 value. If need be, you can make an appointment for the 10-minute complementary demonstration. Also, you will receive a gift certificate for $20 off your first lymph drainage session. Please RSVP by calling the office at (630) 245-5500, or register online. Space is limited.

Lymph Drainage Workshop Details: This workshop is customized to attendees' individual needs. Whether it be rotator cuff, bloating, prostate, migraines, tinnitus, or lymphedema, Nick will help you address these issues with take-home remedies, scholarly articles, and a personal 10-minute demonstration on how to deal with these issues.

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Not to be combined with other specials, offers, or series packages.


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