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Stolen Moments December 2020 Announcement

Dear Stolen Moment’s family,

Stolen Moments must bid you all “adieu”!

With the State of Illinois implementation of its Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigation Plan and pending business shutdowns, it breaks my heart to say, Stolen Moments will be closing permanently on December 31, 2020. We will still be seeing clients through Tuesday, December 22nd. So, please schedule your appointments with us to say, “au revoir.” Note also to please get a doctor’s note when scheduling massages, as required by the Mitigation Plan.

We have fought a good fight, but it is unsustainable for us to continue in these trying times, with no relief to be seen right now and in the future.

Moving forward, if you would like to support Stolen Moments, our products and skincare line called “Moments by Carol Leigh™” will continue to be available for purchase online on our Stolen Moments web site, or you can contact us through our Stolen Moments e-mail to place your order.

We will continue to send out our monthly newsletters for the Stolen Moment’s product line deals and service referrals for therapists and establishments for you to consider. So, look for this newsletter in the future.

It has been one of the wonderful pleasures in my life to have met and worked with all of you over the last 15 years. I cannot believe we have been at this location now for almost 5 years!

I want to thank our Stolen Moments family who have represented me at the center over these many years. As I have always said, it takes a village to make someone’s dreams come true, and all of you have been mine!

I feel like Meg Ryan in one of my favorite movies, “You’ve Got Mail,” when Jean Stapleton says to her, “Closing is the right thing to do, and it must be wonderful daring to imagine that you could have a different life.”

I will cherish our times together and thank you all from the bottom of my heart.



As always, stay safe, keep healthy, and hopefully you can “steal your moments” with us in December!


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